I have been professional developer since 2007 and have worked on a variety of projects. My passion for programming comes from a desire to make video games, something I often do in my free time. I’m always looking for new and interesting problems to solve through code!

Client Websites

Sites built for clients that I was directly involved with.

OncoLife Survivorship Care Plan

Built With: php symfony javascript

Web application that helps cancer patients determine their best treatment options.

Modern Language Association

Built With: php symfony
Site: www.mla.org

Website for the Modern Language Association featuring a sophisicated custom member sign up form and bookstore

Tallahassee Film Society Website

Built With: python django

Website for the Tallahassee Film Society featuring a simple backend that allows the posting of showings and Shopify intergration.

Applications & Tools

Applications and tools created by me, both as internal company projects and personal side projects.


Built With: golang javascript csharp

Web application for viewing game play statistics for the popular online video game, Final Fantasy XIV. It extends another popular tool with a C# extension which pushes data to a Golang server which uses websockets to push data to Javascript in browser.

Platform CC

Built With: golang
Site: platform.cc

Application writen in Go for provisioning apps with Docker based on Platform.sh’s .platform.app.yaml file. Recently there has been a colaboration effort with Platform.sh to extend and improve Platform CC.

CProxy & CProxy-Cache

Built With: golang

HTTP/FastCGI proxy with a cache extension written in Go. The cache is meant as a very simple and lightweight substitute to Varnish and supports edge side includes (ESI).

Arduino Family Calendar

No Image
Built With: cpp

A family calendar Arduino project. Displays upcoming events in the family and pictures from a micro SD card. Used Arduino + TTF shield + 3D printed case and gave to family as gifts.


Game projects that I have worked on.

Bump N Brawl

Built With: python

A simple top down fighting game with fun and colorful characters. Built with Panda 3D, a free and open source game engine.

Run Chomp

Built With: javascript cpp

A simple endless runner where you avoid obstacles and collect coins. A simple game that is easy to code that I often rewrite to test new langauges and engines. Screenshot 1 shows a C++ version written for an Arduino while screenshot 2 shows a Javascript/HTML5 version.

Dream Sphere

Built With: python

A 2.5D dungeon crawler that was to feature a custom character creator, online multiplayer, and lots of equipable items. While this project was never completed it’s a interesting look in to my early years as a developer and game esigner. This was also built with Panda 3D.

Chompy's Dungeon [Working Title]

Built With: python golang cpp

Over the years I’ve tried many times to create a cooperative side scroller dungeon crawler game. While I’ve never quite seen it through to completion every attempt is always a very interesting and fun exercise. Over the years I’ve rebuilt the same prototype probably at least half a dozen times in a variety of languages and game engines, including engines I built myself.